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Introducing the uCast

The all in one solution to mount your phone anywhere

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I just got mine today, this thing is wonderful. You guys thought of everything, I love it love it love it. Thank you.

Pamela from Kickstarter

Got mine today, this thing is awesome! I should have ordered more! Great job!

Adam from Kickstarter

This thing is amazing I think I need like 5 of them!!

Christina from Kickstarter

I got mine yesterday, haven’t tested it out but so far it looks good!

Diane from Kickstarter

Just received my Ucast. Thanks Guys 

Alexander from Kickstarter

How will you use your Ucast?

What is the uCast?

The uCast is a magnetic pendant that allows you to attach your phone to nearly anything around you. It can also be used as a hands-free chest mount for your phone or GoPro.

How does it work?

The uCast uses ultra strong neodymium magnets that connect to your phone via a thin adhesive plate that attaches to the inside of your phone case

Will a magnet erase the data on my phone?

No. Magnets only affect devices that use magnetic storage media like hard drives or floppy disks. Smartphones and tablets like the iPhone, iPad and other smart devices use flash memory and an LCD display, which are not affected by magnetic fields.  

What about non-metal surfaces like walls or glass?

The uCast comes with two (2) round Gel Plates that stick to any flat surface. We've tested it on walls, glass, concrete, leather, and even stucco and the uCast connects strong. When the Gel Plate gets dusty, just rinse with water or spit and let it air dry. 

Hands Free Recording

Seamless Design

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