Meet the uCast


Small, light, and fits in your pocket - uCast is more portable than a tripod

Ultra Portable

Virtually no troubleshooting with magnets - it either sticks or it doesn't

Zero Tech|Zero Problem

Great for recording sports and events or as a stationary mount


Safe to use with smart devices. The magnets will not cause damage

Device Friendly

Wear it

Wear around your neck and connect your phone for hands free recording. Rotate for landscape.

The uCast comes with a thin adhesive plate that attaches to the inside of your phone case and will stick to the uCast pendant. No need for a tripod - carry the uCast and mount to everything around you.

Hands Free Recording

Magnets only affect devices that use magnetic storage media, like hard drives or floppy disks or devices with CRT displays. The iPhone and iPad use flash memory and an LCD display, which are not affected by magnetic fields.

Safe for Smart Devices

Mount it

Mount your phone to the metal around you for stationary video. No metal? No problem. Use the buckle and strap to fasten the uCast around the object.

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uCast helps you record hands free

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